NEW! We are beginning to live stream our Sunday worship services on our new You Tube channel “SunriseChapelLive”. It is a work in progress. Eventually, you will be able to view the live stream and the archives right on this page. 

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We would love to have you join us at any of our worship services.

Our church teaches that the most important way people worship the Lord is by living according to His commandments in their daily lives. The goal of our worship services is to provide time for people to humble themselves before the Lord, raise their minds above daily tasks, learn from the Word, and pray and sing with other people.

Weekly Sunday Services

Our weekly Sunday worship services begin at 11 a.m.

At Sunday worship services we offer you a friendly reception, time for quiet reflection, a blend of contemporary and traditional music and rituals, and an inspiring message that aims to bring spirituality into practical life.

The first part of the service is for families, and an interactive talk suited to the children is given during this time. After the children’s talk and a benediction, parents take their children to the nursery or the Sunday School. Additional readings from the Bible and the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg follow, after which a sermon is given for the adults during the latter half of the service. Immediately after the service we all gather in Friendship Hall for fellowship and lunch.

Our worship services start every Sunday at 11:00 am. We also observe the major Christian holidays with special services.  Every other month, on the first Sunday, we celebrate Communion (Holy Supper) toward the end of the service. Our Communion services are open to all adults – you don’t need to be a member to participate.

Quick Facts

  • Christian? Yes, very much so – in a refreshing new way
  • Beliefs? Click here to learn more
  • Denominational affiliation? See www.NewChurch.org
  • Dress code? Nope. Come as you are!
  • Service format? Blend of contemporary and traditional
  • Length of the service? About 45 minutes to an hour
  • Number of services? One per Sunday
  • Financial obligation? Free will offering as you enter. We don’t “pass the plate”.
  • Seating? No assigned seats. Every seat has a heavenly view.
  • Live streaming? Not yet, but we’re working towards it.

Additional Special and Holiday Services

Holy Supper (the first Sunday of every other month, beginning January) – Adults of any denomination who wish to enhance their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ are invited to participate in the Holy Supper. This is offered on the first Sunday of every other month (starting in January) at the end of the regular Sunday service (or by private arrangements with the pastor). Those taking communion kneel at the chancel rail or sit in the front row if they cannot manage kneeling. Ushers direct the flow of those coming forward. Please approach through the side aisles and return to your seat through the center aisle. If you start forward and see no empty places at the chancel rail, simply take a seat in one of the front rows, and wait until the next ‘table’ after the present communicants have returned to their seats.

Palm Sunday – a regular worship service. You may pick up a palm branch as you enter the church, to be carried forward and laid on the chancel during the first hymn.

Good Friday Evening – 7 PM service is for all ages who are able to sit through an hour-long service consisting of readings from the gospels concerning Jesus’ final week on earth, accompanied by appropriate readings from the Heavenly Doctrine. Holy Supper is included in this service.

Easter “Sunrise” service – 7 AM outdoor  “sunrise” service (weather permitting). One address is given for all; there is no Sunday School. Please check the calendar for confirmation.

Easter “Main” service – 11 AM followed by an egg hunt outdoors for children.

Thanksgiving Service – 11 AM on the Sunday before the national holiday, followed by a potluck Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas Eve – 5 PM service for families followed by a Candlelight Service at 8 PM

Christmas Day – This is an informal service at 11 AM including readings and carols (no Sunday School)

Sacramental Services

In the New Church we celebrate only two sacraments, Baptism and the Holy Supper. These are often conducted during regular Sunday morning services and when they are, special provisions are made for them. They may also be conducted in private services arranged in a home or hospital setting, or at the church with one of the pastors.

Holy Supper: In this sacrament we eat unleavened bread and drink wine. Participants are called to the chancel rail in groups of 10 to 15, where they receive the elements from the pastor while kneeling in prayer or meditation. Communion is open to those who are not formal members of this congregation but who worship Jesus Christ as the One God in His Divine Humanity. Holy Supper is offered 4 times a year as a reminder of the Lord’s love and wisdom with us and a form of encouragement to receive these spiritual gifts as offered by Him.

Baptism: People may be baptized as children or adults as the ceremony represents an introduction into the truths of faith that will form the basis of the spiritual life and growth that follow. Baptism is a “gate of entrance” to full adult membership at all levels of the church.

Other Services

Arrangements for Communion, baptisms, confirmations, betrothals, weddings, home dedications and memorial services may be made with the pastors at any time

Marriage: The New Church teachings on marriage are unique and especially important to us. They reveal the fundamental spiritual differences between men and women, and show how a husband and wife can complement each other in an equal partnership that lasts to eternity. They list and explain the particular requirements of an ideal marriage, and they also show how a couple can work to restore peace and happiness in a struggling marriage.