Welcome to Sunrise Chapel, a Christian Church in Tucson, AZ and a congregation of the global New Church. Our core purpose is to help people experience heavenly joy through spiritual growth. Worship with us Sundays at 11 am. Take part in one of our small groups or a marriage education activity. Wedding plans? Check us out!

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Three Ways Sunrise Chapel Can Help You Grow Spiritually

1. Worship

• Connect with the one loving God, our Lord Jesus Christ

• Hear relevant messages that inspire positive life change

• Experience a picturesque and welcoming worship space that invites closeness with God and each other

• Enjoy a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles and music

• Foster your child’s relationship with the Lord through our gentle and nurturing Sunday School program

2. Relationships

• Connect with others and enrich your spiritual life

• Join a small group to study, pray and grow

• Discover resources to strengthen your marriage and family

• Participate in family-oriented activities and event

3. Service

• Connect with the community and ‘Let your light shine’

• Use your talents in service to others

• Feel a wonderful sense of your faith in action

• Inspire others by giving of yourself

Foundations of our Church
Introduction to Sunrise Chapel

sunrise chapel

"Foundations" Class

"New Church 101"

Mondays at 6:30-8:00 pm beginning Sept. 12.

This 8-week series of small group/classes highlights the main teachings of our church, and helps give insight into what the New Church movement and the global organization is all about.
Open to anyone whether you are a recent newcomer or long-time member who wants a refresher.
One of the things I love about this course is the questions people bring!! It’s an opportunity to ask and discuss any question, no matter how basic.
Evening classes will take place at Sunrise Chapel on Mondays at 6:30 PM starting September 12th and ending October 24. (No meeting on October 10th or 31st).

Everyone is welcome to join whether you are new to Sunrise Chapel or a long time member wanting a refresher.

For more information, click here. or go to "Get Involved" > "Find a Group" (then scroll to the bottom of that page).

Questions? Contact Nathan in the church office

Spiritual Growth Group

For the Tucson Community

Remove negativity and increase joy in your life!

Every Wednesday

in September and October
Starting Wednesday, Sep. 7, for 8 weeks, ending on Oct. 26
At Sunrise Chapel
7:00 – 8:30pm
No Cost

Come and practice a task a week to enhance and develop your spiritual life. Share your struggles and successes with other people on becoming a more positive person.
Co-led by Frank Rose and Judith Keane
Frank Rose has a lifetime of experience leading people in the Spiritual Growth process. He has authored several books and, along with others in the field of spiritual growth, has detailed more than 100 tasks that can be put into practice to improve your life. Judith Keane has been studying Spiritual Growth with Frank, and others, and can see the difference in her personal life.


All welcome!

I welcome your help developing Sunday messages. This is a renewal of an activity that I enjoyed and valued a couple years ago. ANYONE / EVERYONE is welcome to join me Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30 at the church. THIS is your personal invitation!


Plans for a Labyrinth on Sunrise Chapel Grounds

Excitement is building over incorporating a simple labyrinth onto the Sunrise Chapel grounds.

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a prayer in motion, a moving meditation. One can pray a sentence of scripture while walking, simply call the Lord to mind as you walk, celebrate a joy, or share a concern as you move through the space...

It's not a maze, where you are led astray or to a dead-end. It's a path that leads you in to the center and back out again. One way to think of it is letting the Lord flow into you and turn off your "chatting thinker" who wants to solve all problems, not very effectively! Let the Lord lead you, trust the path, and see that you are right where you're meant to be. Notice the rejuvenation and calm that can happen after walking the labyrinth.

October 1st at 10 AM will be the labyrinth INSTALLATION. We welcome ANYONE to participate. We invite participants to bring a stone of your own as a way of contributing your energy to the space. Suggested stone size can range from the size of your hand, to what you can easily carry. We want this labyrinth to be a community project to create a place of peace and mindfulness for all to enjoy.



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Donations and Fundraising



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Questions? Contact Treasurer Art Watson - art@sunrisechapel.org or call the church office 520-298-1245


Men's Study Group

Home Study Group Meets Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Women's Study Group

Home Study Group Meets Thursdays at 7:00 pm

For more information, click here. or go to "Get Involved" > "Find a Group"