Welcome to Sunrise Chapel, a Christian Church in Tucson, AZ and a congregation of the global New Church. Our core purpose is to help people experience heavenly joy through spiritual growth. Worship with us Sundays at 11 am. Take part in one of our small groups or a marriage education activity. Wedding plans? Check us out!

Learn about the Afterlife

Worship With Us - 11 am Sunday

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Learn about our church's teachings on life after death

Explore and discuss the reality and beauty of the afterlife

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote volumes of fascinating, enlightening information about the afterlife that is both uplifting and down-to-earth. Reading his work is like walking into a new world.

Since our emphasis at the recent Tucson Festival of Books was on this topic, we are offering several small groups for study.
     1:00-2:30 pm Wednesdays

     6:00-7:00 pm Thursdays
     7:00-8:30 pm Thursdays
Free book on life after death for any interested participant !
To register or get more info, email me or call the church office.   ~Nathan

Welcome to Sunrise Chapel!

At Sunrise Chapel we offer you a welcoming spiritual community, a meaningful spiritual framework to live by and opportunities to be of service to others. Our goal is to support each individual in developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and encouraging spiritual growth.

Sunrise Chapel is located in Tucson, Arizona's Eastend on Wrightstown Road between Pantano and Camino Seco Roads. The unique building design incorporates a spectacular mountain vista and the natural beauty of the desert landscape. Our inspiring teachings offer a new and enriching vision of God, the afterlife, marriage and family, faith and salvation.

We are a family-oriented congregation serving the people of Tucson since 1987. We welcome visitors anytime. Come on in, enjoy our heavenly views, and take part in our caring, supportive community.

Three Ways Sunrise Chapel Can Help You Grow Spiritually

1. Worship

  • Connect with the one loving God, our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Hear relevant messages that inspire positive life change
  • Experience a picturesque and welcoming worship space that invites closeness with God and each other
  • Enjoy a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles and music
  • Foster your child’s relationship with the Lord through our gentle and nurturing Sunday School program

2. Relationships

  • Connect with others and enrich your spiritual life
  • Join a small group to study, pray and grow
  • Discover resources to strengthen your marriage and family
  • Participate in family-oriented activities and event

3. Service

  • Connect with the community and ‘Let your light shine’
  • Use your talents in service to others
  • Feel a wonderful sense of your faith in action
  • Inspire others by giving of yourself



Sunday Messages

Sunday, April 27 - Pastor Nathan

"A Heartwarming Talk with God"

One of my favorite Biblical stories occurs after the Lord's resurrection when Jesus met two disciples on the road to Emmaus and talked with them as they walked together.

Recent Services

Sunday, April 20 - Pastor Nathan

Easter Sunday

7 am Outdoor worship area -- Rise and shine early on Easter morning and join in celebrating the Lord's victory over death. This informal service will be held starting at 7 am in our outdoor worship area.

11 am In the Chapel -- This special service is for all ages.The choir will conclude the service by leading the congregation in a big, upbeat, joyful piece that will get everyone clapping.
Come for the fun of an Easter Egg Hunt!
Stay for a POTLUCK luncheon

Sunday, April 13 - Pastor Nathan

Palm Sunday "The Garments of Praise"

Come celebrate the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem amid the cheers of enthusiastic crowds along the road. Join in the fun of a simple reenactment using palm branches and clothing to represent the joy and humility of recognizing the Lord as our spiritual King of kings. "Hosanna to the son of David! Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!" (Matthew 21).

Sunday, April 6 - Pastor Nathan

"Open Your Bible, Clothe Your Mind"

Easter is coming up in just two weeks! In preparation, I want to share a story from the Gospel of Mark about Jesus appearing "transformed" or "transfigured" to His three closest disciples - Peter, James, and John. His clothing looked bright white - dazzling! And His face shined like the sun. It sounds a lot like the sight of an angel as commonly reported by people who have near death experiences.

This is one of many stories in the Bible with a focus on clothing. This Sunday, let's consider how the "fabric" of the Word is material to help us clothe and transform our spiritual lives.

Sunday, March 30 - Pastor Nathan


Prayer is an important part of connecting with the Lord - on various levels... individually and in groups, small and large. The Lord even invites us to pray for the growth and development of the church. As we prepare for our upcoming celebrations of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter, let's give some thought to some of Jesus' prayers and His earnest desire to connect through prayer.

Sunday, March 23 - Pastor Nathan

"Celebration of Spiritual Creation"

We are finishing up our series of talks and small groups on the topic of the Seven Days of Creation by having a celebration starting with worship and continuing with a special soup and salad luncheon. The lunch is being prepared by participants in our small groups.

Sunday, March 16 - Pastor Nathan

"The Seventh Day of Creation - Resting"

Ahh..., the final day of creation! A time to "rest" from our spiritual work? Or a time for the Creator to rest from all the work involved in bringing humankind to a full state of spiritual life? This Sunday let's look at what it means to experience a state of peace - not just a temporary quiet state between squalls, but an enduring sense of inner calm that transcends the storms of life.


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Donations and Fundraising

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Questions? Contact Treasurer Art Watson - arthur@sunrisechapel.org or call the church office 520-298-1245


Foundations of our Church
Introduction to Sunrise Chapel

Interested in learning more about Sunrise Chapel, its teachings and background?

Also known as "New Church 101," this is an 8-session introductory course covering the basic teachings and history of the New Church and Sunrise Chapel. Everyone is welcome to join whether you are new to Sunrise Chapel or a long time member wanting a refresher.

For more information, click here. or go to "Get Involved" > "Find a Group" (then scroll to the bottom of that page).

Questions? Contact Nathan in the church office

Men's Study Group

Home Study Group Meets Thursdays at 7:00 pm

For more information, click here. or go to "Get Involved" > "Find a Group"