Welcome to Sunrise Chapel, a Christian Church in Tucson, AZ and a congregation of the global New Church. Our core purpose is to help people experience heavenly joy through spiritual growth. Worship with us Sundays at 11 am. Take part in one of our small groups or a marriage education activity. Wedding plans? Check us out!

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We are excited to report that the new spiritual growth book, The Joy of Spiritual Living is now in print.

This book is a guide for an 8-step spiritual growth experience that you can do on your own or in a group. Each chapter introduces a topic and a weekly task to practice in your daily life. The book is the second in the series, and the first book is also being reprinted!

Copies are available for purchase for $14.00. We also have a few copies for borrowing from the Sunrise Chapel library. An electronic version is also available for $2.99 through swedenborgfoundation.com

Congratulations to Frank Rose and Bob Maginel for this new accomplishment that has been several years in the making!

Three Ways Sunrise Chapel Can Help You Grow Spiritually

1. Worship

• Connect with the one loving God, our Lord Jesus Christ

• Hear relevant messages that inspire positive life change

• Experience a picturesque and welcoming worship space that invites closeness with God and each other

• Enjoy a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles and music

• Foster your child’s relationship with the Lord through our gentle and nurturing Sunday School program

2. Relationships

• Connect with others and enrich your spiritual life

• Join a small group to study, pray and grow

• Discover resources to strengthen your marriage and family

• Participate in family-oriented activities and event

3. Service

• Connect with the community and ‘Let your light shine’

• Use your talents in service to others

• Feel a wonderful sense of your faith in action

• Inspire others by giving of yourself

This Sunday

March 1 - Pastor Rev. Nathan Gladish

11:00 am  Current series: "What Would Love Do?"  #5 Love Visits

Next Sunday

March 8 - Pastor Rev. Nathan Gladish

11:00 am Current series: "What Would Love Do?"  #6 Love is Present 


We’ve launched a new Journey Program!      What Would Love Do?

On Sunday, February 1, we started a new series of sermons and small groups with a focus on service to the Lord, the church, and to our neighbors. For seven weeks, our worship services and studies will center on the parable of the sheep and goats from the gospel of Matthew, where Jesus speaks of the hungry, the thirsty, the sojourner, the naked, the sick, and the imprisoned.

Our program this year includes three parts:

  1. weekly Sunday messages
  2. small study and support groups
  3. service opportunities in the community

Everyone is invited to participate in whatever way you can.

The Workbook

This seven-week series is designed to help individuals and groups explore the call to serve. In the accompanying workbook, authors Sasha Silverman and John Odhner offer an in-depth study of the parable in Matthew 25, in which Jesus describes the different classes of the neighbor and how we are invited to respond with care. The result is inspiring, practical, and motivating. It is a thoughtful and compassionate exploration of New Church teachings on loving the neighbor.

Each of the seven weeks of the program explores a different fundamental human need Jesus tells us to serve:
Feb 1.—Love Serves (Hungry)
Feb. 8—Love Brings Truth (Thirsty)
Feb. 15—Love Welcomes (Stranger/sojourner)
Feb. 22—Love Comforts (Naked)
Mar. 1—Love Visits (Sick)
Mar. 8—Love is Present (Imprisoned)
Mar. 15—Love Rejoices (Wrap-up Week)

Join us each Sunday!

And set aside Sunday, March 15 for a Celebration Sunday! We will have a special guest musician join us for a worship service in-the-round, and also a SOUP-er delicious lunch and service project



Spiritual Growth books to be featured in a booth at the Tucson Festival of Books

On March 14-15, we will have a booth at the Festival of Books on the U of A campus! Our booth banner will say:

"AZ Spiritual Growth Foundation"

We will introduce people to experiencing the joys of spiritual growth using practical tools to overcome negativity.

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Questions? Contact Treasurer Art Watson - arthur@sunrisechapel.org or call the church office 520-298-1245


Foundations of our Church
Introduction to Sunrise Chapel

sunrise chapel


Interested in learning more about Sunrise Chapel, its teachings and background?

Also known as "New Church 101," this is an 8-session introductory course covering the basic teachings and history of the New Church and Sunrise Chapel. Everyone is welcome to join whether you are new to Sunrise Chapel or a long time member wanting a refresher.

For more information, click here. or go to "Get Involved" > "Find a Group" (then scroll to the bottom of that page).

Questions? Contact Nathan in the church office

Men's Study Group

Home Study Group Meets Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Women's Study Group

Home Study Group Meets Thursdays at 7:00 pm

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