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May we pray for you? Whether you are going through a hard time or giving thanks to the Lord for an answered prayer, we welcome your prayer requests. Our prayer team would love to pray for you. You can send your request anonymously, or include your name and email if you want a reply. Look below the form for some Biblical verses about prayer and additional inspirational teachings from our church’s perspective.

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“He will pray for you means a revelation would result, as can be seen from the symbolism of praying.
“Regarded in itself, praying is talking with God, while taking an inward view of the things we are praying about. In answer we receive a similar stream of speech into the perceptions or thoughts of our mind, so that our inner depths open up to God, in a way. The experience varies, depending on our mood and the nature of the subject we are praying about. If we pray from love and faith and focus on or seek only what is heavenly and spiritual, something resembling a revelation emerges while we pray. It discloses itself in our emotions in the form of hope, comfort, or an inward stirring of joy. That is why praying, in an inner sense, means experiencing revelation—particularly here, because it is a prophet who is being said to pray and the prophet means the Lord.” Secrets of Heaven 2535

“It is common in all Divine worship, that a person should first will, desire and pray, and the Lord then answer, inform and do.” Apocalypse Revealed 376