Welcome to the Church with the Heavenly View!

As pastor in my 7th year here, I’m very proud of this wonderful, multi-generational congregation of people. Many of them have a lot of history and experience to share about their devotion to this organization. Many others are relatively new, having discovered their spiritual home recently. Still others know this church as the location for a 12-step meeting that has been so helpful to them, or a community-oriented bereavement group, or a karate class… just a few of the many activities that are hosted here.

Whatever your reason for finding and coming to Sunrise Chapel, you are welcome. I am always delighted to meet newcomers. I’d love to show you where I spend much of my time and brag about the people here who have done so much to make this such a spiritual sanctuary.

Before landing in Tucson in 2011, my wife and I served other churches in our denomination in Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. We have loved each place and learned from everyone who has touched our lives. It’s been a privilege and an honor, and now we are happy to be here.

We look forward to meeting you!


Elise and Nathan Gladish