Online Resources

Links to awesome, inspiring, motivational spiritual content and online groups

As we continue to deal with the CoViD-19 challenges, there are many really great new efforts from colleagues and friends around the globe to help us all stay connected. Here are some of my favorites.    Pastor Nathan

Sunrise Chapel Email Updates  This is my main way to communicate by email blasts to members and friends. You can subscribe with your preferred email address. It’s a service hosted by AWeber. You’ll need to confirm your subscription. And it helps to “train” your own email service to allow these emails to go straight into your inbox instead of a promotions folder (or spam).

Weekday Meditation Group  9-9:30 am Arizona Time Monday thru Friday.  This 30-minute Zoom meeting is an awesome way to check in with people in a small group setting, and to spend about 5 of those minutes in meditation on a quotation from the Word. The link here takes you to the homepage of The Grand Human Project where you can find the actual invitation to the Zoom-hosted meeting. A different leader facilitates the group each weekday at noon Eastern Time. I facilitate the meeting on Mondays. People from other locations participate, so you’ll meet new friends and make meaningful connections with each other and with the Lord. Try it!  Pastor Nathan

Weekday Morning Chapel Talks by various minister colleagues. This is a brand new You Tube channel for our worldwide church organization. I encourage you to check it out and then to subscribe and sign up for notifications. These short talks by Alan Cowley, Mac Frazier, and Chuck Blair are amazing. Brief, content-rich, and thoughtful ways to reflect the spiritual dimension of life as we navigate through the current worldwide health crisis.

Choose Joy Now This is the site to find “52 Tasks for Spiritual Growth” It is the home for the Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit entity devoted to supporting people of all faiths with practical tools for individual spiritual growth.

Spirit and Life Bible Study  Spirit and Life Bible Study began on July 28, 2010 and ran for almost 8 years. With over 300 Bible-packed episodes, its purpose is to look at the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible through a Swedenborgian lens.
It is called “Spirit and Life” because Jesus says in John 6:63 that his words are spirit and they are life.

offTheLeftEye This YouTube channel offers videos that look at life and death through the Bible and the perspective on it through Emanuel Swedenborg’s writings. View an array of educational and entertaining video formats where host Curtis Childs and featured guests explore topics such as the afterlife, angels and spirits, near-death experiences, God, spirituality, and how they relate to modern-day spiritual growth seekers.

New Church Journey – Spiritual Growth Programs New Church “Journey Programs” (spiritual growth programs) are relevant, step-by-step, Bible-based programs designed to assist you in growing spiritually and applying God’s teachings to your everyday life. Sunrise Chapel hosts one Journey program each year, generally from the end of January through the beginning of March.

The New Church  Web portal for our worldwide organization.

Caring for Marriage  Marriage is important to us. We are here to offer support to people both before and during the process of building a marriage.

Begin a New Life  Begin a New Life is a universal, faith-based program that helps you make and sustain any life change that you want or need to make, one or two changes at a time. It doesn’t matter how big or small the change is, this program can help. As you go through the Begin a New Life process for different issues in your life, your life is steadily, even miraculously transformed. You grow in personal clarity and power to choose, and you rise to new levels of hope and promise that are meaningful and lasting.