Our facilities are open with appropriate precautions during the pandemic

These are strange times! But we also have a strong teaching that the Lord always seeks to draw out and encourage something good even in unfortunate circumstances.

We're still conducting worship services and small groups — most of them online. And we welcome in-person attendance with appropriate precautions. As our County's Health Director likes to say, "Wash, wear, wait." Wash your hands, wear a mask when appropriate, and wait by giving people space. Here are some resources:

Online Worship

Our Sunday worship services are livestreamed—as they always are, pandemic or no pandemic!

Small Groups

We are experimenting with getting together in person as the pandemic continues, and we are continuing to meet online also, to share and learn together and build spiritual community.

Our prayers are with you as you find your way through this difficult time. If you need support, or if you or someone you love is sick or in trouble, please contact us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.