Choose Joy Now

We are excited to offer a new resource to support your efforts to experience heavenly joy through spiritual growth!


Deck of 52 Spiritual Growth Task Cards – NEW as of December 2017

Use this “deck” of 52 spiritual growth task cards individually or in a group to enhance your daily practice of spiritual growth. The cards include instructions and tips for “solitaire” and for group interaction.
This is the first phase of the project. The next step is to add supporting information for each task on the website.
These beautiful and easy-to-use cards are ready for action.
Thanks to Sammie Alijagic for her design and artwork, to Kelly Woofenden for her leadership in getting them produced and to Frank Rose for creating the content.
$10 per deck (not incl. shipping)
To purchase, contact Pastor Nathan through the church office

Spiritual Growth Groups

The “Spiritual Growth Group” is a gem in the Sunrise Chapel setting. Developed in the 1990s by the founding pastor and his wife, Frank and Louise Rose, it expanded to other congregations to serve many more people with its practical, life-changing approach. Each small group session includes a “task” that allows participants to practice a spiritual principle in daily life. The first 12 tasks are explained in detail in the book, The Joy of Spiritual Growth. The second book is called The Joy of Spiritual Living. Altogether there are over 100 spiritual growth tasks. To learn more or to find out about joining a group, contact the pastor, Nathan Gladish.

Sponsored by the Spiritual Growth Foundation

The Arizona Spiritual Growth Foundation is a separate tax-exempt (501c3) foundation to support the development of small groups and resources. Our most recent project is the launch of a unique and flexible way to engage in spiritual growth work – a “deck” of 52 task cards for use individually or in groups.