Counseling Services Provided by Nathan Gladish, MA

As a Pastor with a Master’s in Community Counseling from Siena Heights University in Adrian, MI, I offer pastoral counseling for non-members as well as members of Sunrise Chapel.

Counseling Approach

My core purpose in counseling is to encourage healthy relationships of various kinds. Relationships are part of everyone’s life, both inwardly and outwardly –

• Each person experiences relationships between what he or she knows, feels, believes and does.
• Each person has relationships with other individuals, family, one’s spouse, co-workers, the legal system, spirituality, etc.
Sometimes these relationships work well and other times they don’t. My goal is to help you identify and implement new ideas, feelings and behaviors that will increase your sense of personal health on various levels of those relationships – behavioral, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Meetings and Methods

I offer short-term, goal-oriented counseling using a variety of therapeutic tools drawn from professional study and personal experience.

The first meeting of any counseling relationship is introductory and exploratory. We are interviewing each other as we consider your concerns and develop goals for working together. I want to help you make healthy decisions about your personal growth.

As we work together, we will balance many things: listening and instruction; providing structure to treatment and encouraging your creativity and spontaneity; affirming many things and offering alternatives. Methods will vary depending on your needs.


Trust is an essential part of effective counseling. I maintain high standards of confidentiality based on current professional, ethical and legal practices.

Information which is disclosed during counseling session is, by law, considered confidential with certain specific exceptions, including:

• suspected child or elder abuse
• danger to self or others
The law requires counselors to notify the appropriate officials in such instances. In certain court hearings, the counselor may be ordered by the judge to disclose information.