Welcome from Pastor Nathan

Hiking Picacho Peak

On a hike with another fabulous view at Picacho Peak State Park

Welcome to the church with the heavenly view!

As pastor in my 10th year here, I’m very proud of this wonderful, multi-generational congregation of people. Many of them have a lot of history and experience to share about their devotion to this local organization. Many others are relatively new, having discovered their spiritual home recently. Still others know this church as the location for 12-step meetings that have been so helpful to them, or community-oriented bereavement groups, or as their wedding and reception venue… Just a few of the many activities that are hosted here.

We are a unique church in Tucson for a variety of reasons. We are known as “the church with the heavenly view” both for our glorious mountain views and for our point-of-view on spiritual life. Our perspective is distinctively Christian, but not “traditional” or “evangelical”. We worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the one God of heaven and earth, and we study the Bible to help us know Him as “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6).

We also study the inspired writings of Emanuel Swedenborg to help unpack the depth of spiritual meaning contained throughout the Bible. Swedenborg was an incredible student of the Bible, especially in the last third of his life in the mid 1700s. He wrote to make the whole Bible more accessible, understandable, and applicable to all people.

How can we help you? Before landing in beautiful Tucson in 2011, my wife and I served other churches in our denomination in Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. We have loved each person and each group, and have learned from everyone who has touched our lives. It’s been a privilege and an honor, and now we are happy to be here, eager to help you along your spiritual journey. Whether you’re looking for a warm church community, or seeking a more meaningful spiritual practice, we open our doors to you.

Connection and community are both important. You can have connection without community, but you cannot have a sense of community without meaningful connection. Being in a small group is part of building spiritual community through thoughtful interaction. Hosting and facilitating small groups is one of our specialties. Our groups are designed to support each individual with love and respect in sharing and learning. Interaction and content is geared to developing each person’s relationship with the Lord through study, prayer, community-building, and service. Our small groups are educational, enriching, reflective, and fun. If you haven’t tried participating, I encourage you to consider it.

Whatever your reason for finding and coming to Sunrise Chapel, you are welcome. I am always delighted to meet newcomers. I’d love to show you where I spend much of my time and brag about the people here who have done so much to make this such a spiritual sanctuary.

I’m so glad that your spiritual journey has led you to this website, and I hope to welcome you in person soon!

—Rev. Nathan Gladish, March 2021