Ongoing Marriage Education

Every Couple Can Benefit from Support and Education

My wife and I have a heart for encouraging healthy relationships. Having been married for over 35 years, we have had our ups and downs like every couple. And all along the way we've benefited from support from other couples, seminars, books and loads of online resources. We are marriage educators, too, with a variety of programs to offer.

  • Mastering the Mysteries of Love is a skills based learning experience that helps couples learn to communicate more effectively.
  • Love and Respect is a book study group that focuses on the different core needs of men and women and how each partner can learn to give what the other partner really needs and wants.
  • Marriage Counseling - Nathan is licensed in the state of Michigan as a Professional Counselor and currently practices counseling in Arizona as a pastor.

For more information on these and other marriage education activities, contact

Nathan and Elise Gladish


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