Welcome & Beliefs


Welcome from the Pastor    

At Sunrise Chapel we offer you a welcoming spiritual community, a meaningful spiritual framework to live by and opportunities to be of service to others. Our goal is to support each individual in developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and encouraging spiritual growth.

Sunrise Chapel is located in Tucson, Arizona's Eastend on Wrightstown Road between Pantano and Camino Seco Roads. The unique building design incorporates a spectacular mountain vista and the natural beauty of the desert landscape. Our inspiring teachings offer a new and enriching vision of God, the afterlife, marriage and family, faith and salvation.

We are a family-oriented congregation serving the people of Tucson since 1987. We welcome visitors anytime. Come on in, enjoy our heavenly views, and take part in our caring, supportive community.

Three Ways Sunrise Chapel Can Help You Grow Spiritually

1. Worship

  • Connect with the one loving God, our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Hear relevant messages that inspire positive life change
  • Experience a picturesque and welcoming worship space that invites closeness with God and each other
  • Enjoy a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles and music
  • Foster your child’s relationship with the Lord through our gentle and nurturing Sunday School program

2. Relationships

  • Connect with others and enrich your spiritual life
  • Join a small group to study, pray and grow
  • Discover resources to strengthen your marriage and family
  • Participate in family-oriented activities and event

3. Service

  • Connect with the community and ‘Let your light shine’
  • Use your talents in service to others
  • Feel a wonderful sense of your faith in action
  • Inspire others by giving of yourself


"Behold, I make all things new."
(Revelation 21:5)

The Lord Jesus Christ is the one God of heaven and earth - the all-powerful Creator and Provider, and the approachable, loving, personal God who reaches out to all of us. The Father is the Soul, the Son is the Body, and the Holy Spirit is the Activity of the One Divine Person. He is intimately aware of the directions of our lives, and works in countless ways to inspire our free response to all that He offers.

The Bible
The Word is a revelation by God of Divine truth itself. In the pages of Scripture, He teaches us that there is a God, that there is life after death and that heavenly happiness (in this life and in our eternal life) can be found by living according to His Commandments. The Bible can be read on many different levels. There is a literal meaning, a history of God's relationship with His people, and a deeper symbolic meaning which teaches individuals about their own spiritual lives. We call this allegory the “internal sense” of the Word.

Useful Service

We open ourselves to the love of God by turning away from evil and learning to do what is good. In acting from that love by living a useful and productive life for the sake of others, the Lord opens heaven within us and prepares us for an eternal life of ever growing love and happiness in heaven.

Spiritual Freedom
The Lord ensures that each of us has the freedom to choose what we want to believe and how we want to live. He gives us this ability, knowing full well that we can use it to reject Him and serve ourselves. Yet by means of it we can turn to Him and see the wisdom in freely choosing to serve others as He asks. Freedom is the cornerstone of individual spiritual growth.

Every person is saved (chooses heaven) who acknowledges God and lives according to God's Commandments. The Lord makes sure that all people have the opportunity to learn these two most basic principles of religion, working through many churches in many nations.

Marriage Love
Love in marriage is a special gift from the Lord. When spiritual principles are applied not only to one’s spiritual growth, but also to the marriage relationship, troubled times can be overcome, and that marriage will grow in friendship, mutual support, and happiness. Genuine marriage does not end with death, but continues to eternity.

Life After Death
The life after death is real, and much more knowable than many people believe. Death is merely a transition from the natural world to the spiritual world, where life continues for all people according to the patterns they have developed in life. Those who have cooperated with God in this life by striving to become better people, find themselves in a heavenly way of life in the next. Those who have chosen to serve themselves above their neighbors gravitate towards others like themselves in the place called hell. People freely choose their eternal destiny.

People who love God and follow His Commandments (while on earth) will become angels and live in heaven after death. Their life will not be an eternal paradise of leisure. Everyone in heaven gets personal satisfaction and true meaning from being in useful service to others. The spiritual love that makes heavenly life within a person beautiful also creates a beautiful spiritual environment around them. In heaven this environment is experienced just as we experience the objects around us in this world, only far more vividly.

Emanuel Swedenborg's Contribution:

Our church is firmly based on the Bible as understood through the teachings revealed by Emanuel Swedenborg. Born in 1688 in Sweden, Emanuel was raised in a Lutheran family, his father being a Lutheran bishop who took special interest in the beliefs of the Lutheran Pietest movement. The Pietests saw that faith must be connected with love and useful service in order to be genuine. This was a significant departure from the mainstream Lutheran position regarding faith alone. Emanuel's upbringing helped prepare him to write a Biblically-based, systematic theology that connects these three - faith, love and useful service - in ways that make spirituality both intellectually satisfying and outwardly practical.

Emanuel studied at the University of Uppsala, then traveled to work with leading scientists throughout Europe. He gained favor with Sweden's King Carl XII, and was ennobled by Queen Ulrika Eleonora, leading to a seat in the Swedish House of Nobles.

A member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, he devoted himself to scientific and philosophical studies that brought him recognition across Europe. In the mid-1730s, he redirected his studies to anatomy in search of the connection between the soul and the body, making several significant discoveries.

In the early 1740s he shifted his main focus from science and philosophy to theology. He began studying Scripture and publishing theological works that draw on the Bible, reasoning, and his own spiritual experiences. The systematic Christian theology in his writings offers unique perspectives on the nature of God, the afterlife, the Bible, marriage, and the path to salvation.

Although he did not intend to be the founder of a denomination, the inspired writings of Emanuel Swedenborg form the basis for the 'New Church' movement of Christianity. A devout Christian, Swedenborg respected people of all faiths who sincerely seek to understand God, then do what they believe He asks of them.