Heaven is for all people

. . . who become angels by living according to God's Commandments

The kingdom of heaven is already within us

Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is within you." This and many other Biblical passages show clearly that the Lord's kingdom cannot be found on the physical plane; it is a kingdom of spirit, existing within us - right now.

Death, then, is a natural conclusion to our life in this world, and it introduces us into spiritual life. Our spirit is what thinks and feels, the part of us that moves us to act. This spirit draws its life from the Lord, and therefore, can never die. Only the body which houses the spirit in this world dies, for our bodies are made of matter, with no life of their own. At death, the body is left behind, and the spirit is resurrected into a new life.

We were created for life in heaven

In His love for us, God gifted us with the two essentials that make us human - - freedom and rationality. He created each one of us to become citizens of His kingdom, and hopes that we'll love Him and follow His Commandments. But, in order for us to be truly free, He also gives us the freedom to reject Him and all that He teaches; choosing a life in hell. Nonetheless, He always leaves the door open for us, and is constantly encouraging us to make choices that will lead to our everlasting happiness in heaven.

We will still have a body

Newcomers to spiritual life will discover that they still have a body; they still have sensations similar to those in this world. The only difference between their spiritual and natural bodies is that the spiritual body is more alive, more in tune with them than before.

Angels are people

Angels are real, and they are people too. Every angel in Heaven was once a person living in this Natural World. In fact, people were born to become angels, even as the Lord told us, "God is not a God of the dead, but of the living." (Matthew 22:32) Life in this world is a preparation period for an angelic eternity to come. Those who choose a heavenly life here on earth, full of love and wisdom, go on to become angels after death. The life of an angel in heaven is a life of love, wisdom, continual growth, and useful service. The angels are blessed with all the happiness we human beings can imagine, and their goodness and love are deep and real.

Heaven is a kingdom of usefulness

Life in heaven is not an eternal paradise of leisure. Heaven is a kingdom of usefulness. Everyone there gets personal satisfaction and true meaning from being in useful service to God and others.