First-Time Visitors - We Welcome You to Sunrise Chapel!

Sunday Worship Services 11:00-11:45am followed by a luncheon at noon

Sunrise Chapel is more than the beautiful venue that enhances our worship of the Lord.

It’s more than the shared perspective that brings the Lord’s Word into practical life.

It’s more than the loving community of people who support each other and serve the community.

What we especially hope you will discover is that Sunrise Chapel is a unique center for spiritual growth.

We have set a lofty purpose – helping people experience heavenly joy – because we believe heavenly joy is what the Lord really wants for us, not just in some distant future, but as often as possible. And we want to share that possibility with you. After all, the more people who are served by a loving community, a shared perspective, and the beautiful venue, the better!

At Sunday worship services we offer you a friendly reception, time for quiet reflection, a blend of contemporary and traditional music and rituals, and an inspiring message that aims to bring spirituality into practical life.

Children stay in the chapel with their parents for the beginning of the service, when the minister gives a short talk on a Bible story accommodated to their level. Afterwards, they are invited to participate in the nursery and Sunday school program led by Sunrise Chapel volunteers while adults stay for the rest of the service. Immediately after the service we all gather in Friendship Hall for fellowship and lunch.

Our worship services start every Sunday at 11:00 am. We also observe the major Christian holidays with special services. Click here for a list. Every other month, on the first Sunday, we celebrate Communion (Holy Supper) toward the end of the service. Our Communion services are open to all adults - you don't need to be a member to participate.

Quick Facts

  • Christian? Yes, very much so - in a refreshing new way
  • Beliefs? Click here to learn more
  • Denominational affiliation? See
  • Dress code? Nope. Come as you are!
  • Service format? Blend of contemporary and traditional
  • Length of the service? About 45 minutes
  • Number of services? One per Sunday
  • Financial obligation? Free will offering as you enter. We don’t “pass the plate”.
  • Seating? No assigned seats. Every seat has a heavenly view.
  • Live streaming? Not yet, but we're working towards it.