Matching Needs and Interests

There are many ways to serve the Lord and others through Sunrise Chapel. It just depends on your interests and skills. You could work with people or help develop programs. You could focus on fixing things or creating new plans. There are fundraising campaigns as well as fun-raising social activities.

You don't have to be a member to be a volunteer. Just contact us through the office or talk with the pastor, Nathan Gladish, and we will either work with you to find something just right, or we can refer you to other key lay leaders.

Results of Brainstorming Activity from August 2015

On the last Sunday in August, we held a BRAINSTORMING ACTIVITY to generate possibilities for Sunrise Chapel’s future. We considered questions such as:

What does God want us to do or be as a spiritual community?
How can we serve more people in ways that fulfil our purpose of helping raise the sense of heavenly joy through spiritual growth?
And how can we turn some possibilities into realities?

It was a great activity and we came up with a TON of awesome ideas.

Click here to open a pdf with all the ideas listed in random order.

If you have any interest in taking charge of a project or activity and moving it forward, please feel welcome to get started! This is where the rubber meets the road. I will do what I can to work with you in relation to Sunrise Chapel’s overall goals. If your project involves using the facilities or if it needs special funding, I will help you work with the appropriate members of the Sunrise Chapel Board.
I also invite you to discuss these ideas in various groups and meetings and work collaboratively to implement them as the spirit moves you.
Personally, I will be leading a small team process to narrow down all the possibilities into affinity groups, then into practical, strategic plans for implementing items by various people with special interest and skill.
It will take folks from our whole church community to breathe life into each of the items that people take on.
Together we can make a difference!
With love and respect, Nathan