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Core Values of Sunrise Chapel

  • Honor the Lord’s presence in all people and all aspects of life
  • Seek and accept the Lord’s guidance
  • Inspire all to live and grow spiritually
  • Accept all into spiritual community
  • Provide useful service to the community
  • Explore the deeper meaning of Sacred Scripture

Teachings to Support Your Spiritual Growth

  • Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one loving God.
    • He is never angry and never gives up on us.
  • The Bible is God speaking to us
    • ...through literal stories, parables and a deeper spiritual meaning.
  • Useful Service from good will brings faith to life.
    • It is the very heart of heavenly happiness.
  • Spiritual Freedom is a gift.
    • God endows us with the capacity to choose our eternal destiny.
  • Salvation is progressive -
    • a gradual lifting up of our spirit by the Lord as we grow in love, faith, and useful service.
  • Marriage Love between a husband and wife is a blessing.
    • God longs for us to enjoy it! In His care, we can find and strengthen this precious love to eternity.
  • Life after Death is real.
    • Everyone continues life's journey right away as a complete person.
  • Heaven is for all people
    • ...who become angels by living according to God's Commandments.


A Family-oriented Christian Church

  • We welcome you to join us in our purpose to help people experience heavenly joy through spiritual growth.
  • Explore a new and inspiring vision of God, the Bible, spiritual growth, marriage and family, and the afterlife.
  • Participate in a noble cause to serve spiritual needs in Tucson.
  • Learn about our global Christian faith, known as The New Church, established in 1770.


What the Bible Says

The teachings of the New Church are based on what the Lord has revealed in the Bible. It is a universal theology, applicable to all nations, cultures and ages. But sometimes the Bible can be confusing. "What the Bible Says" is a series of short articles by Rev. John Odhner addressing some common questions about faith and life, drawing from all parts of the Bible.

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