The Curb Appeal Project - Summer 2013

Thank you for all your support for this project!

Thank you especially to the Glencairn Foundation in Pennsylvania for providing almost $40,000 of our need. We also raised over $10,000 locally as our part of the match!

As of March 2014 all the planned work has been completed! 


Project Goals

The primary goal was to improve our public welcome and our own pride of place by refreshing the look and feel of five outdoor features of Sunrise Chapel’s facilities and grounds.

Our financial goal was to raise 20% of the total cost In order to get the work done. The Glencairn Foundation in Pennsylvania has generously donated 80%, approximately $40,000

Local donors raised a total of approximately $10,000.

The Five Jobs of this Curb Appeal Project

The old wooden entrance doors to Friendship Hall needed to be replaced. Not only did they not match any other doors, they also posed a security risk.

The new aluminum doors match the doors across the patio for the Chapel. They also improve handicap accessibility and building security.

In most places of the building exterior, the paint was original and certainly showed its age! Aside from a good deep cleaning and minor stucco repair, the structure is good.

The new professional paint job adds a big message that we care about our place of worship and are eager to welcome everyone.

The original seven light fixtures installed on the poles in the parking area were rusting inside. Also they were not suited to minimizing light pollution.

The new fixtures are brighter and also direct light down more effectively where it is needed, thereby providing better lighting at the same time as reducing light pollution.

The wooden lattice of the trellis/ramada above the front patio was an architectural feature designed to tie the two buildings together and provide some shade. In spite of being repainted and repaired over the years, many of the boards suffered extensive sun damage and wood rot.

This project included removing all the wood, repairing damage to the stucco, and preparing the columns for reinstallation of new wood..

As of March, 2015, with the generous help of many volunteers, new wooden beams have been installed and the trellis/ramada is being restored to its original design and functionality.

Age and constant use took their toll on the original pavement. It was no longer adequate to patch and reseal the asphalt and the chip seal.

This part of the project included repair and resurfacing of the entire front lot, then repainting lines and handicap spaces. It looks great!


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