Baptism and Membership

Options for Participation at Sunrise Chapel

You are welcome to participate in the worship and the life of Sunrise Chapel without being an organizational member. If you want to serve on the Church Board of Trustees or have a full vote at organizational meetings, (and you are at least age 20), we welcome you to formalize your connection through membership.

1. The first prerequisite is the sacrament of baptism. To be baptised expresses a willingness to be instructed by the Lord and develop a personal relationship with Him in love and faith.

2. Becoming a member of our parent organization, the General Church of the New Jerusalem, is the second step. By it, you show a willingness to align yourself with the belief that the Heavenly Doctrine, together with the Old and New Testaments, is the Word of the Lord for the New Church. It also expresses an acceptance of the governing principles of the worldwide church organization and a willingness to work within its structure.

3. Apply to the pastor for membership in Sunrise Chapel and upon acceptance, sign the roll of membership.

This is an invitation for you to join our spiritual community and our non-profit organization. It will give you a say in the direction of the church, a church which can serve the Lord by helping people to live happier, more productive lives.