Celebrate your wedding day in a picturesque church with an inspiring perspective on marriage!


Getting Ready

Marriage preparation counseling sessions are part of the services provided by the pastor of Sunrise Chapel. Couples meet with Rev. Nathan Gladish for a series of five conversations on a variety of essential topics ranging from exploring family backgrounds to fine-tuning the details of the ceremony. The meetings are interactive, insightful, engaging, and fun.

The Ceremony

We are pleased to be able to offer you our beautiful church and reception hall, and we welcome any inquiries.

The Chapel, with its spectacular view of the Catalina Mountain Range, is the perfect setting for a wedding or vow renewal. The space has an intimate feel, accommodating up to 140 guests. The adjoining Friendship Hall offers many possibilities, including wedding receptions, showers, and family celebrations. It is convenient to have a wedding and reception in one location, and Sunrise Chapel is the perfect venue since we only reserve one large event in the building at a time.

We invite you to call and schedule a tour of our facilities, so that you can receive our undivided attention. We hope you will consider using Sunrise Chapel as your private venue for your wedding and reception.

Bride and groom during ceremony at Sunrise Chapel

Bride and groom during ceremony at Sunrise Chapel

Contact the Sunrise Chapel office at 520-298-1245 or use the Contact Us form.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Ongoing Marriage Education

My wife and I have a heart for encouraging healthy relationships. Having been married for over 37 years, we have had our ups and downs like every couple. And all along the way we’ve benefited from support from other couples, seminars, books, and loads of online resources. We are marriage educators, too, with a variety of programs to offer.

  • Mastering the Mysteries of Love is a skills based learning experience that helps couples learn to communicate more effectively.
  • Love and Respect is a book study group that focuses on the different core needs of men and women and how each partner can learn to give what the other partner really needs and wants.
  • Marriage Counseling – Nathan was originally licensed in the state of Michigan as a Professional Counselor and currently practices counseling in Arizona as a Pastor.

For more information on these and other marriage education activities, contact [email protected].

Nathan and Elise Gladish


I am eager to help you get the help you need, whether it is for you as an individual or in a relationship.  For more information about my counseling service and approach, read about Counseling.